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Johann Strauss Die Fledermaus

"As the wonderfully narcissistic Eisenstein, Luke Sinclair is ideally cast, delivering not only vocally, but also dramatically."

Kirsten Benekam (German)

"Luke Sinclair is a tenorally radiant, trilingually adept Eisenstein."

Gottfried Franz Kasparek Drehpunkt Kultur (German)

"George Humphreys as Dr. Falke and Luke Sinclair as Eisenstein impress from their first duet"

Hedwig Kainberger Salzburger Nachrichten (German)


Strauss Der Rosenkavalier

"As the Italian Tenor, Luke Sinclair sang with poise and beauty of tone."

Mike Reynolds Opera Magazine

"Luke Sinclair masters the short appearance of the Italian singer in late baroque Farinelli asexuality - who is apparently perceived as too queer and brutally shot by the ox - with a beautiful melting tenor."

Florian Oberhummer Salzburger Nachrichten (German)

"The absolute highlight is the appearance of the Italian tenor, Luke Sinclair"

Elisabeth Pichler Dorfzeitung (German)

"As an Italian singer in a crinoline dress, Luke Sinclair becomes, for six minutes, the bel canto hub of the world."

Roland H. Dippel PNP (German)

"Luke Sinclair made the most of the singer's short cameo role in the first act with his strong voice"

Dr. Daniel Floyd Das Opernmagazin (German)

"Luke Sinclair, as a kitschy late baroque-robed singer, climbs the highest sphere, sings his aria radiantly and is finally shot by the ox."

Dr. Helmut Christian Mayer Opera Online (German)

Bizet Carmen

"Luke Sinclair as Don José was one of the best in that role I've ever heard. One would wish for a tenor like that at the Vienna State Opera: clear tenor, effortless in the high notes, soft in the low notes. And he was handsome too, playing the injured lover with an abandon reminiscent of the intensity of Rolando Villazon. It was the first time for me that the role of Don José outshone that of Carmen."

Dr. Salvia Matras (German)

"Luke Sinclair as Don José scores with a beautiful Tenor voice, secure in all heights"

Dr. Helmut Christian Mayer Opera Online

"Luke Sinclair displays his spinto tenor quality as Don José, throwing himself full-body into the portrayal of a character who transforms from vigilante to outlaw."

Florian Oberhummer Salzburger Nachrichten  (German)

"Exuberant final applause and standing ovations....Luke Sinclair sings the lovesick Don José wonderfully flexibly in a touching tenor – a performance that is a force to be reckoned with."

Kirsten Benekam Traunsteiner Tagblatt (German)

"His remarkable lustrous tenor"

Reinhard Kriechbaum DrehPunktKultur  (German)

Strauss Salome

"Herod is admirably represented by the young and astonishing English tenor Luke Sinclair who has a clear but incredibly powerful and beautifully projected timbre. This changes us radically from the Herods entrusted to singers at the end of the career (and voice) to whom this part is generally devolved.."

Emmanuel Andrieu Opera Online  (French)

Deutscher Cinderella

"The prince (Luke Sinclair), easy-going and downright likeable, basks in this role with his smooth tenor."

Kirsten Benekam Orpheus Magazine  (German)

"The perfect, sensitive,  poetic Prince"

Elizabeth Pichler Dorfzeitung  (German)

Verdi Macbeth

"Excellent casting and brilliant vocals, Raimundas Juzuitis as Banquo and Luke Sinclair as Macduff ."

Kirsten Benekam Orpheus Magazine  (German)

"Luke Sinclair sings Macduff with a tenor secure in all heights."

Dr. Helmut Christian Mayer Opera Online (German)

Gounod Faust

"With the English tenor Luke Sinclair, the State Theater can congratulate itself on a fabulous new member of the ensemble. Sinclair impressed as an excellent Faust with a beautiful timbre, focused voice guidance, tenoral shine with a brilliant high notes and good French diction. His facial expressions reflected the emotions and nuances of expression with great presence. He lived the figure in every nuance. Excellent is his aria “Salut! Demeure chaste et pure"

Elisabeth Aumiller PNP  (German)

"In the title role, as Faust, the young English tenor Luke Sinclair conquered the audience with an unpretentious appearance, great musicality, round baritonal middle range and uninterrupted, subtly metallic and indeed radiant heights."

Gottfried Franz Kasparek Drehpunktkultur (German)


"Luke Sinclair from the Ulm Theater once again delighted with his beautiful tenor, which moves effortlessly through all ranges."

Gottfried Lothar Südwest Presse (German)

"Luke Sinclair as the beautiful and baritonally timbred title hero can be heard with soft lyricism, fine phraising and effortless highs.


Dr. Helmut Christian Mayer – Opera Online (German)

Verdi Rigoletto

"Luke Sinclair delighted with a wonderfully lyrical, relaxed tone..... He has developed into a magnificent lyric Tenor"

Jürgen Kanold Südwest Presse (German)

Massenet Cendrillon

"The Prince, sung by Luke Sinclair, presented a loveable tenor with a beautiful timbre."


Oxana Arkaeva The Opera View

"As the prince, Luke Sinclair is a sensitive child who lives according to the motto “Make love, not war”. He simply wants to be tender and also smokes a joint or opens up a rainbow coloured umbrella . Most importantly of all, he succeeds in singing magnificent duets with his beloved."

Werner Müller-Grimmel Schwäbische (German)

Künneke Der Vetter aus Dingsda

"The Prince is a melancholy sissy and lives in a box - with the inscription: "Fragile". He is a fragile soul, and when the outside world comes towards him he quickly closes the lid; Luke Sinclair acts and sings superbly."


Jürgen Kanold Südwest Presse (German)

Wagner Der Fliegende Holländer

"Luke Sinclair as a clumsy Rosenkavalier is such a sugar cube that one wonders why no woman is weak for him.."


Marcus Golling Augsburger Allgemeine (German)

""And what about me?" The wonderful Luke Sinclair naively whispers in this production. Not (as is normal) Egon von Wildenhagen, but a very British Egbert Shelterbelt, the spurned lover of Julia."

Jürgen Kanold Südwest Presse (German)

"Luke Sinclair is a fantastic, radiant Steuermann."

Jürgen Kanold Südwest Presse (German)

"Luke Sinclair as Steuermann is a young lyric tenor that one needs to experience."

Katharina von Glasenapp Schwäbische (German)

My Fair Lady

"The heart-warming, naïve, radiant-voiced Luke Sinclair."


Jürgen Kanold Südwest Presse (German)

"Luke Sinclair as Eliza's tenorally-gifted admirer Freddy."


Werner M. Grimmel Schwäbische (German)

Schubert Winterreise

"Luke Sinclair sings the Wanderer with a strong lyrical voice which was not only melancholy but also preserved a naive warmth of heart, which is apt for the piece, and was deeply touching."


Jürgen Kanold Südwest Presse (German)

Donizetti Lucia di Lammermoor

"Luke Sinclair exudes real Tenoral authority as Arturo."


Werner M. Grimmel Schwäbische (German)

" Delicious, for example, Eliza's dreamlike devotee Freddy (Luke Sinclair)."


Marcus Golling Augsburger Allgemeine (German)

Gounod Polyeucte

'Polyeucte is a role that lies in Brian Hymel territory. Luke Sinclair, who is currently a member of the studio at the Opéra National de Lyon, impressively met its demands for both lyricism and fearlessly pinging top notes.'

Yehuda Shapiro, Opera Magazine

Verdi Alzira

'Luke Sinclair provided impressive, clear focus across the range of Verdi’s vocal writing, making a favourable impression on behalf of this character (Zamoro) as a counterpoint to Gusmano’s evil'

Curtis Rogers, Classical Source

Prokofiev The Fiery Angel

"Luke Sinclair made a very strong impression, relishing a frighteningly comic or comically frightening reading of Mephistopheles. He sang strongly and had great fun on his return from supposedly eating the waiter, gleefully licking the silver salver as though Salome were being played for laughs."

Opera Scotland

"Mephistopheles, wonderfully sung by Luke Sinclair"

Catriona Graham, The Opera Critic

"An oily, sly Mephistopheles from Luke Sinclair."

David Kettle, The Daily Telegraph

"As welcome light relief, Luke Sinclair’s playful Mephistopheles, in a grey suit with scarlet tie and socks, wandered in for a drink playing cannibalistic games with a boy, Sinclair slyly grinning as he licked up the last remains on a meat tray with enthusiastic relish."

David Smythe, Bachtrack

Verdi Macbeth

"The impressive Luke Sinclair whose warm tone is ideal for the noble Malcolm"

Hervé König, Anaclase (French)

"Luke Sinclair is a ringingly heroic Malcolm"

Mike Wheeler, Music and Vision Magazine

"Having Malcolm in full battle regalia singing from a balcony box high up in the Opera House auditorium was a production whim that came off.....Luke Sinclair made a splendid Malcolm in his ‘bird nest’!"

Bernard Lee, Bernard Lee Music

"Luke Sinclair’s portrayal of a noble Malcolm at the end came over beautifully from a box high up on one side of the auditorium."

Mark Ronan,

"It was an imaginative idea to have Luke Sinclair's Malcolm sung from a box and he gave a strong performance"

Robert Hugill, Planet Hugill

Gal Das Lied der Nacht

"With three demanding female roles and one for heroic tenor....the Hans Gal society deserves more than just a pat on the back for recruiting singers with the requisite resources......Luke Sinclair's masculine, musical tenor."

Andrew Clark, Opera Magazine

"The big duet for Princess and 'Nameless Singer' was astonishing....and was given a stirring performance by Janet de Vigne and Luke Sinclair....The voice has a lovely warm tone and he is also a sensitive actor."

Opera Scotland

"Luke Sinclair's delightful tenor voice as both Ciullo, the boatman and the Nameless Singer contrasted well with the deeper voices of his male colleagues."

Barnaby Miln, Edinburgh Guide

Delius A Village Romeo and Juliet

"Sinclair is quite a find, a young tenor who combines a commandingly tall physique with an admirably secure tenor voice. His voice is also rather robust which brought a sense of vigour and action to Delius' vocal line......Sinclair gave us strong personality, commitment and a fine sense of energy and stamina (it is a pretty big sing)."

Robert Hugill, Planet Hugill

"The endearing Luke Sinclair makes a healthy sound as Sali-Romeo"

Rupert Christiansen , The Telegraph

"Tenor Luke Sinclair was buoyant and managed the high tessitura well, conveying Sali’s irrepressible impetuousness"

Claire Seymour, Opera Today

"As Sali, Luke Sinclair's ardour had a Pelleas-like directness. There is an edge and mobility to his tenor that would work well in Janacek, and he looked suitably innocent."

Peter Reed, Opera Magazine

"Luke Sinclair sings Sali with a sense of style and frequent lyrical beauty"

Brian Hick , Lark Reviews

"Tenor Luke Sinclair gave a sympathetic performance as Sali"

Alan Sanders , Seen and Heard International

"Tenor Luke Sinclair was an ardent and believable Sali"

Jessica Duchen , The Critics' Circle

Delibes Lakmé

"As Gérald, Sinclair’s rounded tenor is first class, outstandingly so in his solo arias and duets with Barbu (Lakmé)."

Barbara Michaels, Opera & Classical Review, Wales

"There are first-class vocal performances in the three key parts...Luke Sinclair's Gerald is splendidly forthright dramatically as well as vocally."

Ron Simpson, The Reviews Hub

"Luke Sinclair as Gerald gave a convincing portrayal of a man smitten by love and torn by duty. His strong and accurate singing throughout aptly portrayed his anguish
and his love."

Jonathan Denny, The Keswick Reminder

An Evening with Puccini

"It was during the second half of the concert, devoted to Puccini’s operatic arias that Sinclair really shone, alongside a soprano of world class, Judith Howarth.....His delivery was of the same high standard, with Che Gelida Manina the pick of a superb bunch....I honestly didn’t think an evening of Puccini could be so enjoyable."

Garry Fraser, Perth Courier

Mahler Das Lied von der Erde

"His exquisite voice brought great passion and vulnerability to this final performance"


Paula Nichols, Forres Gazette

"Luke Sinclair's performance of Puccini’s Nessun Dorma from Turandot was the cherry on a sumptuous cake.....Such roars of approval, stamping and applause went up at the end that you would have thought that your football team had won 10-0."

Ian Stuart-Hunter, Perthshire Advertiser

Puccini La Boheme

"Luke Sinclair's tenor continues to develop impressively, and he had no difficulties with the role vocally at all. He is always a sympathetic actor."


Opera Scotland

Floros Adriana

"The Englishman Luke Sinclair as Julian with his full-bodied tenor and confident stage presence was far ahead of the other young protagonists."


Frankfurter Rundshau (German)

"The strongest characterisation is from Luke Sinclair as the 'Hippie Lover' Julian and one can also hear huge Tenor potential" (German)

"By far the most vocally convincing is Luke Sinclair as Julian who comes barefoot in silty parka to the wedding"


Der Tagesspiegel (German)

"The Tenor Luke Sinclair sings Julian with a dark, seductively mysterious timbre"


Deutschland Funk (German)

Poukenc Les Mamelles de Tiresias

"The longest role in the work - and it is a huge part - is that of the husband. At the fourth performance, Luke Sinclair scored something of a triumph. He sang beautifully from start to finish, acted with style, had no problems with his French diction - including some treacherous snatches of dialogue - and looked cheerfully grotesque in drag."


Opera Scotland

"Barbara Cole Walton and Luke Sinclair are both excellent as the central couple."


The Scottish Herald

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