"Sinclair impressed as an excellent Faust with beautiful timbre, focused voice guidance, tenoral shine with brilliant high notes and good French diction. His facial expressions reflected the emotions and nuances of expression with great presence. He lived the figure in every nuance. His aria “Salut! Demeure chaste et pure" was excellent."


Elisabeth Aumiller PNP (German)

Gounod Faust

"Polyeucte is a role that lies in Brian Hymel territory and Luke Sinclair impressively met its demands for both lyricism and fearlessly pinging top notes. "


Yehudo Shapiro Opera Magazine

Gounod Polyeucte

"Luke Sinclair scored something of a triumph. He sang beautifully from start to finish, acted with style, had no problems with his French diction - including some treacherous snatches of dialogue - and looked cheerfully grotesque in drag."


Opera Scotland

Le Mari - Les Mamelles de Tirésias

"Sinclair is quite a find, a young tenor who combines a commandingly tall physique with an admirably secure tenor voice."

Robert Hugill
Sali A Village Romeo and Juliet (Delius)