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© Željko Zaplatić

"Luke Sinclair displays his spinto tenor quality as Don José, throwing himself full-body into the portrayal of a character who transforms from vigilante to outlaw."

Florian Oberhummer Salzburger Nachrichten  (German)

Gounod Faust

"With the English tenor Luke Sinclair, the State Theater can congratulate itself on a fabulous new member of the ensemble. Sinclair impressed as an excellent Faust with a beautiful timbre, focused voice guidance, tenoral shine with a brilliant high notes and good French diction. His facial expressions reflected the emotions and nuances of expression with great presence. He lived the figure in every nuance. Excellent is his aria “Salut! Demeure chaste et pure"

Elisabeth Aumiller - PNP  (German)

"In the title role, as Faust, the young English tenor Luke Sinclair conquered the audience with an unpretentious appearance, great musicality, round baritonal middle range and uninterrupted, subtly metallic and indeed radiant heights."

Gottfried Franz Kasparek - Drehpunktkultur (German)

"Luke Sinclair as the beautiful and baritonally timbred title hero can be heard with soft lyricism, fine phrasing and effortless highs.


Dr. Helmut Christian Mayer - Opera Online (German)

Bizet Carmen

"Luke Sinclair as Don José was one of the best in that role I've ever heard. One would wish for a tenor like that at the Vienna State Opera: clear tenor, effortless in the high notes, soft in the low notes. And he was handsome too, playing the injured lover with an abandon reminiscent of the intensity of Rolando Villazon. It was the first time for me that the role of Don José outshone that of Carmen."

Dr. Salvia Matras - (German)

"Luke Sinclair as Don José scores with a beautiful Tenor voice, secure in all heights"

Dr. Helmut Christian Mayer Opera Online

"Exuberant final applause and standing ovations....Luke Sinclair sings the lovesick Don José wonderfully flexibly in a touching tenor – a performance that is a force to be reckoned with."

Kirsten Benekam - Traunsteiner Tagblatt (German)

"Luke Sinclair displays his spinto tenor quality as Don José, throwing himself full-body into the portrayal of a character who transforms from vigilante to outlaw."

Florian Oberhummer - Salzburger Nachrichten  (German)

"His remarkable lustrous tenor"

Reinhard Kriechbaum - DrehPunktKultur  (German)

Richard Strauss Der Rosenkavalier

"As the Italian Tenor, Luke Sinclair sang with poise and beauty of tone."


Mike Reynolds - Opera Magazine

"Luke Sinclair masters the short appearance of the Italian singer in late baroque Farinelli asexuality - who is apparently perceived as too queer and brutally shot by the ox - with a beautiful melting tenor."


Florian Oberhummer - Salzburger Nachrichten (German)

"The absolute highlight is the appearance of the Italian tenor, Luke Sinclair"


Elisabeth Pichler - Dorfzeitung (German)

"As an Italian singer in a crinoline dress, Luke Sinclair becomes, for six minutes, the bel canto hub of the world." 


Roland H. Dippel - PNP (German)

"Luke Sinclair made the most of the singer's short cameo role in the first act with his strong voice"


Dr. Daniel Floyd - Das Opernmagazin (German)

"Luke Sinclair, as a kitschy late baroque-robed singer, climbs the highest sphere, sings his aria radiantly and is finally shot by the ox."


Dr. Helmut Christian Mayer - Opera Online (German)

Mozart Lucio Silla

"The flawless house tenor Luke Sinclair yearns for the love of the people in the title role."

Florian Oberhummer - Salzburger Nachrichten (German)

"Luke Sinclair, with his robust yet lyrically appealing tenor, plays a handsome young tyrant who combines danger with charisma."

Gottfried Franz Kasparek - Drehpunktkultur (German)

"Luke Sinclair blazed with fully-engaged commitment and vocal fluency."

Elisabeth Aumiller - Traunsteiner Tagblatt (German)

"Tenor Luke Sinclair sang both arias with great power, showcasing the character's rage and fury. At the same time, Sinclair incorporated humour to illustrate how pathetic the character really is."

Dr. Daniel Floyd - Das Opernmagazin (German)

"Luke Sinclair...his World-Class acting and singing"

Jorn Florian Fuchs - (German)

Johann Strauss II Die Fledermaus

"As the wonderfully narcissistic Eisenstein, Luke Sinclair is ideally cast, delivering not only vocally, but also dramatically."


Kirsten Benekam (German)

"Luke Sinclair is a tenorally radiant, trilingually adept Eisenstein."


Gottfried Franz Kasparek Drehpunkt Kultur (German)

"George Humphreys as Dr. Falke and Luke Sinclair as Eisenstein impress from their first duet"


Hedwig Kainberger Salzburger Nachrichten (German)

Prokofiev The Fiery Angel

"Mephistopheles, wonderfully sung by Luke Sinclair"

Catriona Graham - The Opera Critic

"An oily, sly Mephistopheles from Luke Sinclair."

David Kettle - The Daily Telegraph

"Luke Sinclair made a very strong impression, relishing a frighteningly comic or comically frightening reading of Mephistopheles. He sang strongly and had great fun on his return from supposedly eating the waiter, gleefully licking the silver salver as though Salome were being played for laughs."

Opera Scotland

"As welcome light relief, Luke Sinclair’s playful Mephistopheles, in a grey suit with scarlet tie and socks, wandered in for a drink playing cannibalistic games with a boy, Sinclair slyly grinning as he licked up the last remains on a meat tray with enthusiastic relish."

David Smythe - Bachtrack

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